The Bad Stuff™ Extra Anejo Tequila Is Crafted From The Finest Estates Grown Tequilana Weber Blue Agave.

From Our Fields ...

Our agave is hand selected by our Jimador, then slow baked in traditional steam ovens until they reach a rich caramelization.

Harvested at maturity

Final Distillation Completed

In A Copper Alembic

The rich agave nectar is fermented with a combination of pure artesian water from our onsite wells. We then double distill this rich fermented mosto, first in stainless alembics, with the final distillation being completed in a copper alembic (Pot Still).

Our rich peppery, spice ladened Blanco is then poured into our Virgin French Oak barrels and allowed to repose for a minimum of three years.

Aged 3 Years In Virgin French Oak Barrels

It is well known that when it is ready to bottle, the Angels share has been dispersed and we are able to enjoy our share with friends and family.

Ready To Bottle


100% de Agave Azul | Product of Mexico 40% Alc. by volume.  Extra Anejo Tequila.  All rights reserved.  Sip responsibly.