- The Bad Stuff™ Extra Añejo Tequila

was hand crafted and refined over 3 generations

Master Distiller Phillip (Felipe) Soto Mares originally crafted The Bad Stuff™ Extra Añejo Tequila for only friends and family, on site, at his uncle’s hacienda in Atequiza, Jalisco. Felipe was meticulous in following the knowledge his uncle, Roberto Mares, instilled in him on the crafting of a fine tequila.  Roberto Mares learned how to craft tequila from his father Roberto Mares Sr., (Felipe's Grandfather), who was a bootlegger during the prohibition in the 1920's.


Mr. Soto earned his Catador (Sommelier) status at La Academia Mexicana del Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico in 2005. Mr. Soto received the designation of Maestro Catador (Master Sommelier) in 2006 by conducting extensive educational tequila tastings, seminars and being appointed the Director of La Academia Mexicana del Tequila for California, the first designation offered outside of Mexico. Currently there are only a few Maestro Catadors (Master Sommeliers) in the Tequila Industry.

"I’ve been working on this tequila for over 15 years"

Only sharing it with family and friends. The timing was perfect for us to bring it to market...

As for the name, in urban marketing

'The Bad Stuff™' means the best of the best. That’s an accurate description of what we’ve created."


- Felipe Soto Mares

100% de Agave Azul | Product of Mexico 40% Alc. by volume.  Extra Anejo Tequila.  All rights reserved.  Sip responsibly.